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Drama Boosters
Who are the Drama Boosters?

We are an eclectic group of parents and community members who do our best to support the needs of the Avondale Theatre Company (ATC). We have many kinds of members:

Parents of current Theatre Company members.
Parents whose children have already graduated from the district but are having so much fun they can't retire. Parents whose children have not yet reached high school age, but they can't wait to get involved.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors…anyone we can entice to give us a hand! No direct knowledge of theatre is required, although anyone with applicable skills that they would love to share are strongly encouraged to attend our meetings. We will reward you with snacks and lasting memories of being part of an awesome theatre family!

Our Mission?

Our main goal is to provide financial, mentoring and supervisory support to the director and the students of the ATC.  The volunteer opportunity page lists many ways to help. What is the best way to start getting involved with the Boosters?

You are doing the first thing…you found our website!  Consider dropping by a meeting to see what we are like. Then, if you find we are pretty decent people, you could volunteer for something small. Helping to sell flowers on one of the show nights or serving food at a tech dinner is a good way to get to know people and know the families of the students your child is hanging out with. It's also a great way to stay connected with your child and their interests.

Which leads us to…

What if my student says they don't want me getting involved?

This is very common, as they are at an age where they are trying to separate from their "parental units". Just reassure them that you will do the best you can to not embarrass them, but that the Theatre Company can not exist without parental involvement. They may protest, but deep down inside, they will be thrilled that you cared enough about them to check us out!

(And if they continue to protest, we have several things to do that don't require your presence at the school.)

**This website is dedicated to information regarding the Avondale Drama Boosters. If you would like to see photos and other specific information regarding Avondale Theatre Company productions, please go to Avondale Theatre Company

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